We are Seeking a Manager for Armagh Rural Transport!

What We Do

Armagh Rural Transport’s vision is that residents within the Armagh Community Area are socially included and have independence and equality. Our aim is to “provide affordable, accessible transport for individuals and local community groups throughout County Armagh." If you live anywhere in Armagh and have no transport or difficultly using conventional transport, please contact us and we can do our best to get you out and about!

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Without ART providing buses for us on a self drive basis we would not be able to run as many football teams.

Armagh City Football Club

ART enable people to get out to work. Without ART they wouldn’t get out at all. They have no other social outlet without this and it’s more than a job to them

The young people that use the transport have a great rapport with the drivers. I find the staff very efficient and friendly

Every journey makes us smile. The driver knows everyone’s names and the banter on the bus is great

The ART driver got involved when we went carol singing at Christmas, everyone in our group enjoyed that

ART transport has improved social isolation for visually impaired people

Vital service for members to access mental health services, social outings and outreach activities

Used ART bus to take our group to camps – we couldn’t have done it any other way

The whole service is excellent, I would recommend it to anybody

Couldn’t speak highly enough of the drivers.

All deserve medals

Staff are a credit to ART

It’s the only time I get out, I enjoy every driver

Getting out with ART gives me something to look forward to

It’s an affordable, dependable, reliable mode of transport

I could'nt do without rural transport as it takes me to town for groceries and appointments

I am very grateful to this service with good friendly drivers

S Prescott

I can get to places with ART that I would'nt normally be able to get to

I am very grateful to all the staff at Armagh Rural Transport for getting me out and about 3 times a week as being aflicted all my life. This is what life is about helping each other

E Conlon

I am very happy with the service and grateful to have it. The drivers are very supportive and friendly and I look forward to being able to travel on the bus in the future

The drivers are very respectful, patiend and understanding to me as a disabled person.

A great scheme from phone staff to drivers. Very kind and considerate and always willing to help with all clients

N Clarke

I would be lost and totally housebound without this great service and the conversations I have with the employees

N Clarke

I use the tail gate when getting on and off the bus and this helps me feel safer

N O'Neill

We are very happy with the service provided. The staff are reliable and caring and William has become very fond of his driver.

D Boyd

I really need this service as do most people I know.

We find this an excellent service, providing safe, reliable transport door to door and could'nt speak highly enough of the drivers. Our daughter who has Downs Syndrome loves travelling with ART and it gives her a great sense of independance as well as being very convenient for us.

Rural Transport is a vital service for the benefit of our family member. It allows her to travel independant of her family who have to go to work. It provides a very safe mode of transport for someone who is unable to travel independently and ensures that she is delivered safely to her place of work. I would find it extremely difficult to manage without this service.